Be a Star スターになる

Imagine Big & Just Do It.

world*stars is a Hokkaido-based talent list that receives job offers from television stations, travel companies, event organizers, fashion designers and more. We want to share these one-shot job opportunities with you! We do not provide information on full-time job positions at this time; we recommend sites like “Hokkaido Insider” for that! Whether you’re here short-term or long-term, join the fun!

Join the List
If you would like to be part of this “Available for One-Shot Jobs List”, please e-mail us at
SapporoWorldStars @

Don’t waste your talent! 
Don’t just be an English teacher (unless that’s your gift and dream!).
Job offers we receive are often related to TV, radio, advertising, and travel.
Do you act, dance, model, or sing? Play an instrument?
Speak and translate Japanese into different languages?
We receive one-day-only English teaching jobs, too!
Do what you love, where you live, because you only live once, and being here in Hokkaido now is no coincidence!
Or if you’re up for it, just try something new! Why not? 🙂




*Notice: We have renewed our website March 2019 and plan to update more often with job positions. Come join the fun!

Featured Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

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