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Model: Samantha


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子どもの誕生日パーティー、エルサを家に招待しませんか?For Your Kids’ Birthday Party, Welcome Elsa to Your Home!

For party ideas click here パーティーデコレーションのアイデアはこちら:https://www.catchmyparty.com/blog/frozen-party-decorations

Invite a friend that looks like Frozen character Elsa to your Christmas Party or Birthday Party here in Sapporo City! (English Below)



English Book Gift


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You can order a Frozen cake, purchase Frozen plates and cups, decorate the walls with winter garlands, blue, and snowflakes, but what joy would it bring for your children and their friends to see Elsa* ring the doorbell and join your party? Memories of a lifetime! Are your kids bugging you to take them to Disneyland? Sometimes Hokkaido can feel a bit far from the amusement park, so why not bring the popular characters home to you? Many children are thrilled with the new movie Frozen 2. Give them the gift of playing with Elsa* this year! Suggested ages 2-8.
*Elsa look-alike by Canadian performer

What does this include?
– Canadian performer dressed in Elsa look-alike costume visits your home or event space for 1 hour.
– Performance of famous movie song in English
– Photo Time
– Free play time, speaking in English or Japanese with everyone!

Extra Costs :
– Transportation Fee (Depends on Location in Sapporo City, +2-5000yen)
– Reading “Frozen” related Storybook in English
– Performance of movie song in Japanese
– Gift of a stuffed doll from the movie